Bridget Gorski re-shared this post – Find Best Lake Martin Homes for Sale

Bridget Gorski was a former real estate agent. Bridget Gorski is re-shared this blog post from another blog.

Homes For Sale Montgomery AL

Lake Martin is a 44,000 acres reservoir with 750 miles of wooden shoreline is situated n Tallapoosa, Elmore & Coosa countries of Alabama. It is popular for swimming, boating, water skiing, camping & golfing. Numerous luxury homes are also available on Lake Martin.

For a quiet long time, it becomes a cabin weekend retreat for many peoples and more recently the real estate market. It has been seen an immense demand for luxurious second homes, water access properties and condos by the people who get retirement or who want a calm place which is close to nature. It is widely preferred due to the close proximity to Birmingham, Atlanta, Auburn/Opelika and Montgomery and being arranged in the middle of one of the Southeast’s fastest developing trade triangles with an exceptional encouraging future, according to a Lake Martin Economic Study in Lake Magazine.

  Lake Martin Homes for Sale

It offers various extraordinary waterfront properties all…

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Good times in stocks over. Come and buy Real Estate !! – Bridget Gorski re-shared this post

Bridget Gorski shared real estate related posts on this blog. Bridget Gorski re-shared this post from another blog.

For the last 2 years, stock markets in India have behaved as if they are in a different world, untouched by the gloominess of the ground level macros. While there were clear signals of a weakening economy, stocks continued to rise.

I covered this in my previous article. (Link here). While FIIs were increasingly becoming sceptics on the Indian markets, DIIs were on steroids. It was not a very worrying scenario though. The expectation was that DIIs could keep the market afloat till the macro economy picked up and then the happy situation of FIIs returning could play out.

It may play out in the exactly opposite manner. There are now clear signs that the economy may not pick up at all in the next 12-18 months.Falling GDP and lackluster private investments are forcing the Government to plan a stimulus package. This package is bound to push up…

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Bridget Gorski re-shared this post – Real Estate Market Shows a Growing Trend Despite National Low

The real estate sector is the second largest employer in India next only to agriculture and is expected to grow by nearly 30 percent over the next decade. The Indian real estate sector which comprises of sub-sectors such as housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020.

The housing sector alone contributes 5-6% to the country’s GDP and is well complemented by the increasing demand for office space in urban and semi-urban areas.  It is also expected that real estate will incur more NRI investments in both long and short-term in the next decade.

Pune is expected to be one of the most favoured real estate investment destinations for both Indians and NRIs alike.

Growth of Pune Real Estate

In a recent study of real estate market in India conducted by PropEquity, Pune has emerged as one of the top cities to invest in India…

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Must see places before die shared by Bridget Gorski

Bridget Gorski was a former real estate agent & currently working as travel blogger. Bridget Gorski shared posts related to travel, real estate, beaches etc. This post is based upon the top 10 places.

Here are the images:

  • Victoria Falls
  • Giza
  • Jerusalem
  • Istanbul
  • Taj Mahal
  • Everest Base Camp
  • Great Wall of China
  • Antarctica
  • Marrakesh
  • Paris

Victoria Falls




Taj Mahal

Everest Base Camp

Great Wall of China




Visit this blog on regular basis for more such posts. Follow me on twitter for direct message etc.

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Top real estate trends will help in 2017 by Bridget Gorski

Worked as real estate agent in the past Bridget Gorski knows how to deal or survive in real estate market. In this post Bridget Gorski is going to share the latest real estate trends that will help in 2017. Here are the list of top 5 real estate trends that will help in 2017:

  • Millennials and boomers will move markets
  • Millennials will look to the Midwest
  • Price appreciation will slow down
  • Fewer homes, fast-moving markets
  • The West will lead the way

These tips are taken from this website.

On the off chance that you have any further question in regards to this article or need to find out about land advertise tips and patterns post your query in comment section.

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Surviving tips this summer in real estate market by Bridget Gorski

Bridget Gorski a well known traveler & travel blogger. Bridget Gorski was a former real estate agent in California based firm. She knows how to be survive in this competitive industry. This post is based upon the tips to surviving in real estate market in this summer.


  • Must use Technology & don’t resist it
  • Remember your old clients because old clients can lead to great referrals

Here are the four tips of surviving in real estate market this summer by Bridget Gorski.

  • Worth remember always
  • Use technology more aggressive
  • Remember your previous clients
  • Consult or tie-up with a builder

These tips are taken or get an idea form this website :

Visit the above mentioned link to get more details on these points. Or if you have any further query regarding this article or want to know more about real estate market tips & trends follow me on


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Lake Bled – The Emerald of Slovenian Alps

Tints of Travel

As soon as landed in Slovenia I went to the famous lake Bled. I wanted to see it with my own eyes. I wanted to check if it is really as beautiful as they picture it.. Deep in my soul, well, not really deep, but.. I was skeptical. I expected the lake to be another touristic bubble. A popular but an overrated place, where people go and then make up stories to hide their disappointment. A minibus was carrying me through beautiful winding roads running through jolly green hills and valleys.. Grey mountains were looking upon me. And I was thinking: What will I see?

Finally we entered a small village, full of relaxed tourists. Cycling tourists. Slowly walking old couples. Kids playing around parents.. Almost everyone moving in one direction, same as mine.. The bus stopped at the road edge. The driver said: Here is a Panorama restaurant. It…

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